Hi from NC Extreme Beginner Tips Welcome

Hello all! I am very new to this and any tips or links to videos for help would be wonderful. I have no clue how to use any kind of design program and I am interested in learning how to use the Design Scape they offer here. I have looked through the forums and have not had any luck with a real beginners guide to this program. I am at a stopping point and see to be confused so I can start printing and pressing. Also how do I cut the design once it is printed? I do not have a cricut or anything like that… any tips? Thank you all so much.

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Hi 2cc802563e57fdcbc94225f7c82e9454 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What type of project are you doing? Are you wanting to do sublimation or are you wanting to cut vinyl, etc?

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HI cac1cac63f23b6038097b1d3cfed1a6b I just saw this message. I am starting with Sublimation. I have been trying to figure out how to print once I have the design I want. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. For example, I used a mock up on design scape and got it to print through the Paint program. When it printed the actual design was extremely small. This is where I am confused. What program do you recommend I use and how do I get the correct measurements so when I print the design it is the correct size for the project?

Can you clarify why you are printing the mockup? Usually those are used for display purposes on websites and social media. I just want to make sure I’m understanding everything correctly :slight_smile:

In regards to the print settings, do you know what size the canvas is in DesignScape? Do you know if in your print settings you had it set to print at 100% or if it was switched to “fit to page”?

I don’t use Paint or any program to print with – I just use the standard print settings that came on my computer. I have a Mac, but I know it’s similar with PC. If you open the image you should be able to click file > print (maybe at the top?).

I use the mock ups for positioning the design to what I am wanting to print. I am a beginner with sublimation. I have everything I need but I am stuck with printing the design correctly in order for me to press it onto my product, like for a shirt or tumbler. :frowning: I am sorry I do not mean to be confusing. When I use design scape it does not give me a print option… so opened my design in paint to print it out… but it came out so small. LOL So I guess I am confused on how to size the image? Or many just confused on everything haha… Thank you for all your help.

Ah - so you do not need to print the mockup then unless you want it as reference when you’re pressing the shirt.

If you want to print the design then you’ll turn off the mockup and background layers and export as a PNG.

You can 222b5945a7c22542737ff526ca3466c3 if needed and drag the design over to that tab and then export from there if you need the design to be saved larger, as the mockup may actually be smaller than what’s needed.

You can’t print from DesignScape as it isn’t connected with your printer. So you can save from DesignScape and then open that photo and then print to your printer from there.

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