Hi from PA USA- tips to organize files

Anyone have some tips on how to organize your svg, png etc. google drive? computer? iCloud? travel hard drive?

Hello Michele!
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Here’s a guide on organizing files: 39def469dc7435fc674fc3119347d356

I personally just bought an external harddrive because my pc was getting a bit full LOL.

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This is the toughest question lolz. I too have a hard time trying to organize all of these. I have everything on my PC, but I am also saving all my stuff in an external hard drive as well.

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I did the same, using an external hard drive. Sorting the SVGs is another topic. How to find those SVGs that you were sure you were going to do . . and life and work got in the way!

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I also save everything to my external drive - I don’t keep anything on my PC. My favorite thing about Design Bundles is the files will always available to download in your account if you ever need to download again at a later time! =)

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My comment is actually more of a question;
Is it possible to save files on what I have heard people refer to as an iCloud? Bren

Hi 138077a13fab638c8e8dd7a9aefbb409 You can save them to your iCloud, Google Drive, external drive - whatever is good for you. You just want to make sure none of the clouds have your files as sharable. I have found it easiest to store my purchases on an external drive and only keep the file formats that I will use. You can always download again from your user account if you need a different file type later on. :grinning:

I’m going basic here, I organise my SVG’s under designer name, in a file folder named SVG. Told you it was basic, but I can find them quite easily.