Hi, I’m Michelle

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I’m quite a private person, but I have reached out to Cricut users by setting up an anonymous Facebook page where I share links to designs I’ve created in the Design Space software (only a few people know I’m behind the page). I also provide lots of free tips, screen shots and I provide advice for Cricut users who use the iOS App for iPhone/iPad or the Android App, as mobile Apps have limited functions and very few bloggers offer tutorials in this area. An example of information I provide is: you can download and install fonts from Font Bundles and other websites to mobile devices then system installed fonts and use glyphs/special characters in Cricut Design Space by installing just a few apps. You can also curve text and add special effects and patten fill by using the Phonto App (a Free app for iOS and Android) then upload your text to Cricut Design Space with just a few edits to make the white background transparent.

One day I hope to design and sell on this platform, as I do have design experience in terms of creating SVGs and PNG files and have copyright experience, but it’s knowing where to start, as I don’t want the hassle of running my own website or opening an ESTY store, owing to health issues. I am also very conscious of protecting my designs from misuse, so for now, the Cricut Design Space Community offers me the protection I need. For clarification, I do not profit in any way from my Facebook page or designs I share. PS. I’ve attached a few of my designs created on my iPhone with the Cricut Design Space App using just basic shapes. For the Happy Birthday card, I created a frame for a cross stitch (purchased), although anything can be added.


Michelle I love your YouTube post and follow you on YouTube since you are so helpful on describing and orienting people how to get things done with Cricut Makers. I’m still learning and and I love Design boundless as it has giving me so many fonts and I have purchase so many designs and font for projects and gifts. I am using lots of this designs and now I only buy and purchase from design boundless as they have it all for me and I love their giveaway and prices. Let’s continue the fun together!

Hi Lizzy
I think you may have me mixed up with somebody else, as I only have a Facebook page and post everything on there. Also, my designs can only be accessed via the Cricut community at the moment.

hi everyone my name is tonya and im new to this but i love to do my crafts with my cricut. any and all advice is welcomed and thanks to everyone

All these are amazingly beautiful. You are such a creative person

Hello Michelle,

Not sure if I am writing the right person. But a little while ago, I bought a bundle from you. Yesterday going through my checking account I was charged for a bundle I did not download or even want. I am beginning to wonder if this has happened before. I only bought 1 bundle and have not been to your site in a few months until today. I did not order any bundles from your site since the first one. I would appreciate the return of my money. I will be contacting my bank as well to find out if this has happened since the first and only bundle I have every truly bought from this site.

Thank you
Sharon Stoddard

Hi Sharon

Although I am a designer I don’t sell any files so you have mixed me up with someone else. If you have purchased through Design Bundles I think you can go back into your Design Bundles account and search your purchase for the product you think you’ve been charged for incorrectly. From there, I think there is a contact seller button/link.

I hope you get your problem resolved.



Hi @Sharon_S5 I’m sorry to hear about that. I would contact Design Bundles Customer Support so they can take a look at what has happened.

Hi Michelle, I am new to this forum or community. I am Alfrieda. Your work here is so beautiful and creative.

Hello Alfrieda!
Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out our Start Here guide. We also have some fun things going on this month such as our June Competition to win Plus Credits.