Hi! My name is Gina

I am beginning a company using my crafting experience in design resources. I just joined the gold plus membership. Does anyone have any feedback on whether it is worth the money to be a gold member per month to help grow a new business?

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Hello Gina!

Welcome to the forum, happy to have you here!
Since you are new to the forum – 509bcf05befd1d37de83269b17ad60ec is a great place to start!

I think it is definitely worth being a Gold Plus Member – I love my Plus Membership!
Here - 327589c3e566af25fd58d75370a4bb0e you can find the benefits of being a Plus Member.

I love that the Plus Credits roll over each month if you don’t use them so you don’t feel obligated to use them in one month.
There is also so much diversity in the Plus Store - fonts, svgs, pngs, and so much more there are over 62,000 products current in the Plus Store! :open_mouth:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

I agree!! It is soooo much to choose from!!