How can I create a catalog of my images from my PC

This tutorial will explain how to create your own PDF index of your designs from your PC.

You will start by opening the snipping tool from the bottom tool bar. Here you can type in snipping tool to bring up the program. This will allow you to take screenshots.

The Snipping Tool will look like this. To start a new snip click on “New”

You will want to sort your PNG files into one folder. If you need a guide on how to do this you can find it here.

When in the view menu set your thumbnails to extra large Once you have this set you will bring up your snipping tool and in the corner of screen where the thumbnails start drag it as far as you can go fitting in the thumbnails you see. You will then click on the save icon and save this image to your computer.

Next you will want to go to (this a free program) You will open a new canvas by going to File > New

You will want to choose the section option that is circled in yellow “print.” You will then choose the letter size and click on create.

Next go to File > Open

You will bring your saved thumbnail screenshot onto the canvas. Make sure you have “transform controls” selected so you can re-size the image as needed.

Now your ready to open up you next set of screenshots of thumbnail images you took from your folder. (The boxes you see in the corner is where you can drag with your mouse to re-size)

Now that the page is full let’s export into a PDF. (You can save as a PNG or JPEG if you prefer as well)

A box will pop-up, you will want to click Save

Choose the folder you would like to save your file to

Now your file is ready to open or print to create a catalogue


thank you, this is very useful. !:heavy_heart_exclamation:

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You’re welcome! I know it is a question we get asked a lot :slight_smile:

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The snipping tool is being EOL "End of Life’ and being replaced with the Snip & Sketch application.
It will work the same, and better it has a Print Option and you can then print to PDF or continue along in the tutorial. There are dozens of PDF authoring applications out there now beyond Adobe Acrobat. I use FlexiPDF 2019 and have a copy of Ashampoo PDFPro2 I use to combine PDFs and author them from scratch. They will generate Bookmarks to find a certain category or part of a PDF. They act like a word processor for authoring them. And generate thumbnails for ease of finding things too.


Thanks @Joseph_P I didn’t know that! Checking it out! :smile:

It has been popping up with a warning for some time.

Annotation 2020-08-09 142640

I was about to say I don’t get this message on mine but now I realize I do! I just got so focused on using the tool I haven’t noticed the message!

great info thanks

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Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about the snipping tool or the new snip & sketch tool. I’m off to play!

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