How can I sort my file extensions into one folder on my PC?

Once you download the file you will find it in your download folder. You will want to extract the file first by right clicking on the zipped file and choosing “extract all” from the menu

Next you will open the unzipped file

Next you will want to delete the MAC OSX folder in the file as you don’t need this. Click on the folder to highlight it and then hit the delete button on your keyboard

Next you want to create New Folder. This is where you will copy the files into that you want on their own. For this example I am going to sort the PNG files, however you can type any extension you want in there such as SVG, EPS or DXF etc.

In the top right corner menu there will be a place to search - enter your file extension here.

Once you type the extension it should bring up all of those files in the list. Hold down the CTRL + A key on your keyboard to select all of the files. Then hold down CTRL + X to cut the files from the folder. There will be a back arrow on the top menu click on this to bring yourself back to the main folder.

Open the new folder you created and hold down the CTRL + V key on your keyboard to paste in the files to this folder. Now you have successfully transferred the PNG files to it’s own folder :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tutorial! :smile:

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You’re welcome! :heart:

I’ve added a tutorial for Mac users here if anyone is interested :slight_smile: