How do I adjust letter spacing in Design Space

How do you move the letters closer together in Design Space?

To adjust the kerning (letter spacing) in Design Space you will go to the “letter space” box at the top of your menu. You can adjust the spacing by clicking on the up or down arrows.

Sometimes, when the letter spacing adjustment still isn’t quite right, you can ungroup the word or phrase and then either use your left and right arrows to move them (though that’s usually too far) or slightly adjust the X position by changing the number in small increments. This preserves the vertical position so that your words don’t end up uneven (and you can’t just slide the letters with your mouse and then try to “align bottom” when finished because of letters like y and g or letters with swashes).
Another option is to create your text in a different app like Inkscape where this isn’t a problem, though it takes a while to learn Inkscape.