How do I change part of a color of a design in DesignScape

I have a question for using DesignScape? Is there a way to change the color of part of the design or does it change the whole design to one color… I am trying to select part of my design and change the color, but it is not working… Help please!

Hi 288e7c50573d95675ad6de8597af0c96 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We have a guide on how to change the color here: c85ae91005e6332af7ef17c96efd42d6

What file type are you uploading? If the design has layers then you would be able to select just the one layer you want to change color.

I have tried SVG and also PNG… I saw the video you mentioned, but it changed the whole thing to red… Say I wanted to change the words to black and the sleigh and reindeer to red… How would I do that?

Hi Carla, yes I’d like to know this too.
I have a clipart of a girl and I would like to change the colour of her dress.

Hi Carla & Linda,
Are you able to un-group the file? Or do you see the layers of the file on the right?

If you are using a SVG you may be able to see the layers of the file on the right, then you could click on the layer you wish to change to a different color.

However, if it is a one layer SVG and all parts are welded or merged together you likely will not be able to change the color.

Were you able to ungroup the file?