How do I cut by color w/ registration marks?

Be gentle on me ladies I know some stuff but still learning. This is what I’m up too, I purchased a svg file and want to to cut each color separate with registration marks so I can layer the design in screen printing. But I also want to add some wording on the top/bottom. I think it’s something with compound path? If anyone is willing to walk me through this or point me to a video explaining I would so appreciate it!!! I’ve searched videos but some go so fast I don’t understand what she is even saying :woman_facepalming:t2: Thank you all bunches!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:

You should just be able to add the words like you want, in another color. Then, when you go to cut that color, change the registration marks to that color too, so it’ll cut them. Line them up with the other registration marks you’ve cut. I hope that helps.

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I think yiu got some great advice below but you can also open the sbed to cut and the “line” option and pick from there. Hope that helps!

Did you get your project completed? If not, you will need to have each of your design layers colored as desired. Create, color (use a color different from all the others in your design), and place the registration marks. Leave the design layered on your screen. Go to the Send tab in the top right. First, select the Material, then click on the Fill tab. Each of your colors should be included in the list. The order of the colors can be changed by dragging a line up or down. Only the colors that have a check mark in the second column will cut. Keep the color checked for the registration marks and one of your color layers-- all others should be Unchecked. Be sure the information in all the columns is correct (Tool No., Material, Action, Tool) and then Send to your Cameo/Portrait. After it cuts, come back and uncheck that color layer and check the next color (keep the registration marks checked). Send to cut. Keep doing this for each layer. If you have more questions, I would love to help you work through them. Good luck.

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Going to try today :+1:t3:
But if it’s a SVG I purchased how do I change it? Add wording, resizing, etc? Do I need to un-group it first?
Thank so much for your help!!!:kissing_heart:

If it’s an SVG that you purchased, in order to color certain parts, you may need to Ungroup or possibly Release Compound Path, or both. It will depend upon how the design was created by the designer.

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