How do I get to a specific page in my Favorites? And why does "refreshing" any page throws me back to Page 1?

Hi there,

I have the following question:

I have more than 1,000 “Favorites” and I want to go directly to the last page of my Favorites. Or to Page 30 of my Favorites. How do I do that?

To the best of my knowledge, the site does not cater for this need presently. Or does it?

Also, assuming I am at Page 20 of my Favorites and I “un-Favorite” one of my products. Then, I “refresh” the page. This, unfortunately, throws me back to Page 1 of my Favorites. VERY INCONVENIENT AND TIME CONSUMING. How do I get back to Page 20 again?

Please advise.

Thank you & BR,


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Hi Helen,

Great suggestion! I’ve made note of this to our developers :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I really look forward to this feature. It will solve a lot of my problems!



you used to be able to change a page number in the URL line. looks like that is gone. my guess a for mobile users ‘feature’…

Looks like I can’t do that for the downloads either. 🤦🤦🤦

Yes, exactly. I used to do the same. It was useful. From a point on that this was gone, I have spent countless hours trying to find my way around.