How do I open a Zip File on my iPad and open in Design Space?

Let’s start by downloading the ZipViewer app in your App store (there is a free version)

After downloading the app let’s visit your purchases page to download your product. Simply go to One you are here you can click on the “Green Download” button. There will be a drop down with a link you can click on to begin the download process.

iPad/iPhone tip – If you’re downloading a large bundle and your device doesn’t complete the download you may need it is in smaller folders. If the option is available you can click on the “Blue Download Individual Files” button and it will alllow you to download the bundles within the bundle. If this option isn’t available let us know at customer support we will be happy to get you smaller folders made to download your purchase


Once you click on your link to download a new window will appear – click on the download button. Once you click on this the window will close. Click on your home button on your iPad to take you to the homepage.

On the home page locate your “Files Folder” and open it.

Once you open the folder you will see your recent download as a zip file. Press on the file until a pop-up menu appears. From the pop-up menu choose the “share” option.

Another menu will open up and you will be looking for the “Zip Viewer” app. If you don’t see this as an option scroll to the right until you see the “more” option.

Choose the “Open in ZipViewer” option. This will open the ZipViewer App. Click on the Zip Archives link to open up the Zip Folder which will have the file you just shared in there.

You can then click on your zip file and view the contents and make sure

shared correctly.

Let’s open our file in Design Space. Go back to the home page and click

on your Cricut app to open Design Space.

Click on the “New Project” square.

Your canvas will open up and at the bottom you will click on the “upload” icon.

To bring your file in you will want to choose the “browse files” option.

You will then click locations will bring up more option to look in if the

Zip Viewer folder doesn’t show up first

Click on the “On My iPad” option

Then click on the Zip Viewer folder.

Open the Workbooks folder in the Zip Viewer window.

Locate your file you have added and click on it.

To cut in layers you will want to open the SVG file which is normally the last file in the

menu if they aren’t labeled. If you are wanting to open to create a Print and Cut

you will open the PNG file. In this example we are opening the SVG file so let’s click on that.

You’re Design Space Library will appear and you will click on your file you just

added in and then choose “insert” from the bottom of your page.

Voila! The file is now on your canvas for you to create your project!


This is great thanks. My free version runs out and I only use it once a month so I don’t want to pay $20+ each month to use these downloaded software packages. And ideas on cheaper ones (for Australia?)

I use an app called Documents to organise just about everything on my iPhone and iPad. The app automatically upzips files for you, no faffing around, and there are loads of videos on YouTube on how to use it, it’s really easy.

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Hi Kim, is there a Zip Viewer app that is free with ads that you can download? That is the version I have. If there isn’t you could try another unzipping program as the steps are similar… iZip is another good one to use :slight_smile:

@Elizabeth_G1, ohhh I need to check that out! Thank you!

Thanks so much. I will have a look today

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Very helpful thank you

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This is great! I’ve always wondered if there was a way to do this!

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