How do i use tags

does anyone know how to find your own designs by tags in DS now ?

No, sorry. I thought it was just my lack of understanding which was preventing me from searching My Projects. Maybe it’s not me???

I don’t think tags work for My Projects or Uploaded Images, only for the stuff Cricut provides :frowning: Hopefully I’m wrong and someone can show me otherwise?

I haven’t figured it out either. I don’t think you can :slightly_frowning_face:

If you added a tag to your image you should be able to search for that and filter through ownership “uploaded” and it should find your uploaded image!

Not sure if you are talking about Projects or uploaded images (?)

For Images: It drives me nuts that looking for images with preset filters like “My Images” or “Uploaded” brings back a bunch of them I did not upload. One of the tricks I’ve started using is to tag all my images with my last name (you can choose anything you think no one else will use).

That way when I search for images I use that keyword and only the things I’ve uploaded are returned to me.

I am assuming you can do something similar for projects but I don’t have enough of them myself to need to search through them yet.

Hope this helps.

@Yelsob, that’s a great idea. Thanks!

I sent an issue into Cricut this week. When I went looking for images with my tags, they were not being found. All searches I ran only returned my items if the word was in the name. Hopefully they will get this fixed quickly!

I think the user experience and search feature in DS could use some tweaks. I would love to be a part of a focus group for UI. Wonder if they’ve ever considered that.