How do I use the Glyphs on my MacBook?

To access the alternate/extra characters of a font, using FontBook on Mac, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the .OTF version of the font as normal. (f49b1aef0be8425b30f6eb6b5c7c9487)

  2. Launch Font Book on your Mac using the Launchpad.

  3. Select your font – we chose Andalusia.

  4. Find the Glyph you want to use by scrolling down in the list.

  5. Copy the Glyph by going to Edit > Copy or pressing Cmd + C.
    copying glyph from font book

  6. Paste the Glyph into the software of your choice using Edit > Paste or Cmd + V.

You can now copy and paste the characters using Font Book on Mac! Have fun!


Thank you so much for this! I have a Mac and use Safari as my web browser. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Are there any browsers that seem to work better than others?

Hi d2d362b5095f4bb62ac3a5ff6e067127 welcome to the community! I use the Chrome browser on my MacBook, and love it! :smiley:

If you’re still not seeing them, make sure repertoire mode is turned on :point_right: b444eeee48d5b70d3cd04b4528017577