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I understand how to export text as svg and as a png. What I’m struggling with is creating text on a colored (like my picture) shape. I don’t want the words to be the shape or follow the outline of the shape. Just to sit on a colored shape nice and pretty, exported as a png. Is this possible? Am I over thinking this? Thanks!!

You do first the colored rectangle then you do the text on top, save it as PNG. You will have then a png that is just like your photo.

648c59efabdbe5b05581828f58237178 I tried that but it wouldn’t work? :thinking: Maybe I didn’t attach the two properly?

Can you attach the results here and explain what part didn’t work? How you think it should be, and what part is not how you want it?

something like this you want?

and result

you have 2 options for export one for drawing which is the rectangle, and one for page, which is the artboard the entire document you are working on. Keep in mind that transparency is there where there is no object, so if you exported as png at the exact size of rectangle there is no transparency visible because the rectangle cover that area

That is how I want it! I made it into a png file, but when I opened it in design space, the text was gone. All I had was the shape.

d3b42a3e415f1c628acdd11960cc49c6 how should I be attaching the text to the shape? Maybe that is where I am going wrong?

Always is good to convert text ( and objects) to path before saving, to avoid unexpected surprise.

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I was sure I did that :woman_shrugging: But all that saved was the shape, no text. :frowning:

Did you select both of objects? Maybe you selected only a rectangle?

I thought I did. But maybe I didn’t? Maybe I attached or welded (can’t remember without looking and I’m on my phone lol) maybe I didn’t have text selected. Was I supposed to convert text to path before attaching the two?

I always convert text to path If I export a document as SVG, DXF and similar. If you save it as PNG, it is not so important, because the design will not be any more layered, it will be flattened. It is important to select all object.
Just play with all possibilities. That is a natural learning curve.

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Thanks! I’m not giving up yet! :grin:

Hi AugustFire!! =)
Here are the steps I took to create this png image (size of square is 8x8 inches):

~ Create square
~ Type text and position inside square
~ Select square
~ Click File>>Export PNG Image
~ Once Export box appears, select these options:

~ Click on “Export As” and choose the destination on your device where you want your picture to be saved.
~ Once all of your options are to your liking, don’t forget to click on “Export”! (I forgot this soo many times!!! LOL!!)

I hope this helps you!!
Have a great day and stay safe!
Jacki =)

d175c8efafee4bbad600f6efc28953ac OH my gosh! Thank you so much!!! By the way - I LOVE your work! You are very talented! Your kindness means a lot to me! :heart:


You are most welcome!!! :blush:
Your kind words mean the :earth_americas: to me!! :heart:

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I just figured out (after some much needed cursing and a couple deep breaths lol) I forgot to click the “hide” box! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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Oh no!!!
Done that, too!!!
Hopefully you got it all figured out now! :blush:

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