How Do You Unzip on an iPhone?

These are similar steps to how you would unzip on an iPad but I wanted to show a step by step process for an iPhone as well :slight_smile:

For this tutorial I am using Google Chrome as my web browser.

Go to your PURCHASES page by clicking on the little ‘person icon’ in the top right corner. This will pull out a menu - click purchases.

Find the product you want to download and click the green ‘download files’ button.

Click on the name of the zip folder to download.

This will open up a new blank tab and at the bottom you will want to click download. Then you will want to click ‘open in…’

A new menu will pop up and you can hit ‘save to files’.

Save to your downloads folders and then click ‘save’.

Navigate to your Files app.

Locate the zip folder you want to unzip and hold down on it for a few seconds and a menu will pop up. Click ‘uncompress’. If you don’t have the option to uncompress, make sure you are in the ‘browse’ tab and not the ‘recents’ tab.

The zip file will unzip and create a new folder that you can click on and view the contents. I downloaded the Fall Pillow Mockup by Kitaleigh.


Thank you for this tutorial!