How do you use design scape and sizing images

How do you know what to size the image in design scape before printing for sublimation? How do you adjust the sizing in design scape…
How do you use design scape? Your videos are not very useful for someone who has never used a design program.


Hi 7eba0ac199c6118f0ff9fad50c0ae213 I’m sorry the videos and tutorials are not helpful for you, but I’m happy to help!

You can create a new project by following 26fcb87abc1e45238fb290cbfcc896dc – or if you hit Image > Canvas Size it will tell you how big your artboard is.

If you go to the 1:27 minute marker in b3b9d5594deeba4572edf078c3676bf9 you’ll see me scale and transform. Or hit Edit > Free transform. Hold down shift while dragging the box to keep the proportions correct.

Is there anything else you’re struggling with? I’m happy to make more tutorials for you :slight_smile:


Good tips.