How do you use designscape

Hello is there actual videos on how to use designscape? Can you bring in images from downloads and convert them into an svg? If so how. I looked at some of the topics questions but I’m still not understanding how it works

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Same here. I have had some success using Adobe Illustrator, but I’m partial to GIMP, which does not create SVG files. So essentially, I’m moving my files through multiple applications because I don’t understand any app but GIMP, sigh.

Hi Kim,

I’m so sorry for the delay! Can you let me know what file type you are wanting to import to convert?

I know you can export as an SVG, but depending on what file type you upload the steps to get there might be different.

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Same! I am just beginning with htis program and totally lost at the moment

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Hi 402d3fbef6aafe893816e2abdca4fee5 we have some tutorials here on the forum but please let us know if there’s anything in particular that you are lost at. 2ba8a19e9f9e97a9876a2f0a7ae7e51b

Sorry I never responded to you things have been crazy around here and been just to busy. So as far as files can you upload like png or jpeg files to turn into svgs?