How does on print (not print and cut, print art work prints)

Hi everyone!

I want to print (not print and cut) pri ts such as 12mm circles on an 8x10 sheet and 5x7 and 8x10 for art images in silhouette. I need to send my prints to staples for printing, so it needs to be a pdf or jpeg I think…but then the sizing is off?

Anyone know the steps to create a printable digital art in the sizes I need?

H Brittany, what version of Studio do you use? You could also use which is a free program to create the PDF.

I have business edition :slight_smile:

My problem is always I can create the image the correct size in silhouette; but when I send it to print putside of my home (bc I have an inkjet and need laser printing) the sizes are wrong :frowning:

Hi @Brittany_P. I’m no expert, but would like to see if I can help. Are you able to share a photo/screenshot of your design in Silhouette Studio, please? Sometimes I’ll design in the Silhouette software, then save it as a PDF and send to my printer and cut manually (e.g. water bottle labels, etc).

I don’t have a pic right now, but its usually tiny circles for earrings. When I print them at home straight from the origram they are the right size; but when I make them a PDF and do a test print at home (before sending to staples etc.) They are never the right size in the PDF :frowning: I have a different style printer at home, and want to be able to send them off to get more professional printing if that makes sense? I think I am mot saving them correctly maybe?