How have you decorated your Cricut? Who has a reminder to check settings?


I love this 0cce608ce51bba4c3381305ed6fb4f36 :heart:

Of course! But mine is pretty low-key, you only see it when the machine is closed. I clipped an element out of the American Diabetes Association’s Red Rider logo (I was a 9bc504c29886130ac3979c96314c7614 for ten years; skipped this year for budget and it-was-virtual-because-of-COVID reasons).

I used the same element on the handles of some of my cake decorating spatulas to denote which are mine and which belong to the store (a lot of spatula sharing went on in cake classes!)


I want to but I want to find the perfect thing!

I havent, but have been thinking about it, so now i may have to.

new here but i have a mason jar with flowers on the inside and on the out i put cute little quotes to keep me motivated and not give up on a project even when im stressed!

I just received my Cricut Maker 3 for Christmas, and I haven’t gotten around to making anything (yet).

However, decorating the Cricut just may be the motivation I need. Thanks for the idea! :blush: