How is everyone doing this week?

How is everyone doing this week?


Disability flare issues aside, I’m doing ok. How about you? Are things reopening where you are?

All good here in Bristol. First day of rain for weeks, so I’ve not been distracted today by our sunny garden! :cloud_with_rain:

Great!! Although I’m behind on all the things I have to get done. Actually I’m always behind! :smiley:

I’m doing good currently. Things are still closed, pending soft opening date of May 8th. But according to our Governor our counties have to be in the Yellow in order for things to open. Which, my county is grouped with two other counties that had the highest amount of cases in our state, so I don’t see Yellow in our soon future.

Other than that I keep trying to get the kiddos outside, when it doesn’t rain, which this week is rain almost every day. Ugh.

I am in the same boat. It dampens the mood, but creativity helps.

I would like to socialize with my neighborhood. It’s going to be 58 degrees at 3pm. :smiley: But I always keep my distance! I’m trying to add more designs to my shop. 10/day is my goal, but that may need to be adjusted. LOL

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Girl you can do it!!

Just remember, all moms need a break, drink that :wine_glass:

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I’m doing well for now. I got some wacky creative streak yesterday and designed several things. I hope that continues.

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I’m over here just cooking my heart out. :stuck_out_tongue: We’ve been a bit stressed around here, kids want to play outside and it’s been nothing but rain.

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Everyone is good at home.

But I miss time for internet and designing, I am giving help (not my main work but I give help in this hard days) in a elders manor when they miss staff, and I still called 7 days in a row and I learn yesterday I still working until next Sunday. I miss creating and drawing! :pensive:

Having a great week so far. My son 1st birthday is on Friday. We can’t have a big party, but so be nice little family party with some cake and balloons :birthday::tada::two_hearts:

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I can’t believe he’s going to be 1 already! Happy Birthday to him! I hope you guys have a wonderful party!! :hearts:

Crazy right? Time flies :sob: Thanks! :heart:

I’m doing well but starting to feel a bit stir crazy from being indoors so much. Apart from going out into the garden, and one walk, I haven’t left the house in 5 or 6 weeks and I’m starting to feel it.

However, I’m generally pretty happy and I’m an introvert who can work away at things and forget the outside world, so I’m managing better than I probably otherwise would.

I feel you on the rain! I just want to be outside! lol

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Lots of rain here too, but heard Saturday will be beautiful. We’ll do a little backyard, social distance party for my 1yr old with family. 6ft apart, wearing masks. So should be fun though.

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Good thanks! A little stir crazy