How often do you Pin?

Hey there. I’ve been on Pinterest for years but really only used it for myself. I used to Pin a lot from one of my shops on another platform but never really gained followers and rarely had things repinned (Although I do drive quite a bit of traffic to that other platform).

I’ve only had a shop open here about 4 weeks. I’ve made a few sales but I’m not the most confident marketer of my stuff. I’ve started pinning my new products and affiliate products. I use the ‘long pin’ format when I’m not feeling lazy (making them myself).

But … and here’s where the frustration kicks in: the only things I ever get repinned or viewed are the damn cat pictures that I save to my Cats and Kittens folder!!
So I figure I’m not pinning other stuff enough, but I’m afraid to pin too often, if you see what I mean, and I just have no idea how many pins a day would be considered good marketing and not spamming.

I know a lot of you use Tailwind, but I’m not earning enough at the moment to justify paying for that.
Just wondering how active on Pinterest you all are. So, how often do you pin?

@Cherie_LR My first recommendation is to keep only business related topics to your Pinterest page - I hide all my recipe and home boards because my customers/potential customers don’t care what I want to eat. (Unless of course you’re a food blogger! It’s all relative to what YOU do :slight_smile: )

I use Tailwind to schedule my pins and I do the recommended 10/day usually. I can schedule a full month at one time.

If you want, I’d be happy to look at your Pinterest to see if there’s anything specific I can recommend for you. I’m not perfect at Pinterest, but I think I’m alright at it :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your reply.

I have all but two of my personal boards secret.
I pin my products from my various platforms to specific boards, plus some design resources, inspiration and things that are relative to design.
It’s interesting that you recommend hiding all the personal boards as the reason I left two was advice telling me to always leave something that is a bit more ‘me’. I had read, as well, that shoppers like to get to know you and what you like (this was specific advice to Pinterest and Instagram).

I’m more than happy to hide my cats folder though! And by the sound of it I need to pin much more than I do. Please do check out my Pinterest. I’m open to any adive at all :slightly_smiling_face:

@Cherie_LR if cats are something you regularly talk about on Instagram or wherever you market, then I think this would be fine. For example, I follow a hand lettering artist who loves her cat and coffee – on her Pinterest it wouldn’t surprise me to see things related to that as well as her graphic design / lettering boards. I just wouldn’t keep your recipes or things like that on there if you’re a designer.

On my Pinterest I don’t have 100% business related boards either - I have a couple seasonal boards, as well as self care (since this is something I talk about on my IG), sustainable living (since I have a Charity collection and being eco friendly is a big part of my product shop), and home office decor (since I work from home). So these are still personal boards but I do have products I could add to them every once in a while.

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