How to access alternate characters or alternate font glyphs on a PC

Did you know lots of fonts come with extra glyphs? Sometimes these are referred to as swashes, swirls and other terminology but they all refer to the same thing - the little extras that come with the font.

To access extra glyphs on a PC you need to open 'Character Map.'Depending on your version of windows you can either search for this using Cortana


Or you can go accessories in the start menu.

Once you open Character Map it should look like this

character map 1

Select the font you wish to access by using the dropdown menu.

Then select your Character Set to be ‘unicode’

Select the group by option and change it to ‘Unicode Subrange’

Then select ‘private use characters’

Here you will now be able to access the extra glyphs of any font on windows. You can select each character to copy into your favorite program.


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This is very useful.

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Thank you so much for this. I haven’t know how to make full use of the fonts I’ve purchased. Thanks for this guide.

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Certainly! If toys have any questions let us know! :smiley:

Excellent thank you so much for this.

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Thank you

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Hi, New here! I am trying to use the glyphs with Beauty Magnolia. I have followed the instructions but all I get are boxes. I am using this in Silhouette. Thanks for any guidance!


Hi 297e3aaf8ea6d90207278588fd5db3b1 – welcome to the forum :slight_smile: To confirm, is the Beauty Magnolia font installed to your device and the font you have typed out and selected within Silhouette Studio?

Thank you - this was very helpful and easy to understand. Now I don’t feel like such an idiot when I couldn’t find my “extras” in the character map. Much appreciated.

Thank you for this tutorial! I have been so confused and now it I believe I can do this! One question I do have do you need to do this for each font I download?

Hi 6ce0f5e9128994cd9f8afa0d94ff65ac welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Yes, any font that has Alternate Glyphs would go through this process unless you are using a program like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc that has a Glyphs panel in their program.

thank you for this!

Am I able to access these extra glyphs on DesignScape. The system is not very easy to use and there are tutorial videos for every program except for that one. It would be very helpful to have videos on your own program.

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I’ve done everything, and my screen looks the same. However, I still can’t figure out how to use it in Circuit. I’ve tried copying and pasting. I don’t understand how to use it. Is there a way to close out after setting up the character map after described above?