How to access and save a single line file in SCAL4

1- Open SCAL4 software. Click on the file icon.


2- Click on import file.


3- Insert your single line file. I am using 771b42fdb1092c1c94a5ae410bb47dbd from f6d608560e852952960ee45e6689dc97


4- Once the file is in your design space, you can edit the design, resize or add text. At this point you will neeed to save any edits. You can also file the design by clicking on the cutter icon if using a silhouette machine. If you want to use the design in a different cutter, go to File - export.


5- Save as a SVG file.


6- Save at 72 dpi and check design space compatible if using a cricut design space software to cut.


7- Once you have saved the design you can then import into your cutter software.