How to access the Preferences panel in Affinity Designer

1- Open Affinity Designer.

2- To access the preference panel we need to go to edit > Preferences.

3- A new window will be displayed. There are several options that are helpful when creating our project.

4- In the general tab you have several options.

Reopen document at startup . This is great if for whatever reason your PC turns off or you accidentally shut down your software. The program will open at your last project.

Import PSD as text rather than bitmap . This helps keep your fonts and not changing them to bitmaps.

Copy items as SVG . If you uncheck this option the document will save it as curves.

5- The performance tab is also a good option to use. This can help you manage how the software works with your PC, If your working on a large document/artboard, you can adjust the amount of RAM and data usage used to avoid lagging when working.

6- User Interface. This option can let you adjust your workspace like changing the colour of your background.

7- Keyboard shortcuts. Here you can do many different things.

8- You can select the persona panel that you would like to use and change the shortcuts.

9- You can also change the options too within the persona. by doing this you can access the keyboard short cuts and change them to your personal preference.