How To Add A Cartoon Effect To Your Image in Pixascape

Have you wanted to add a Cartoon Effect to your image? Well, then I’ve got just the tutorial for you! :star_struck:

Step 1: Open your image in Pixascape by following this guide, 9ae28249f0c84a5e4a896d866b33e49f.

Once your image is open you are ready for Step 2!

Step 2: Click on the Effects button. This icon looks like a magic wand.

Step 3: Click on the Cartoonizer effect option.

Step 4: Select the cartoon style effect you would like. I am choosing option FXO15.

Step 5: Once you have adjusted the effect using the blue sliding bar to where you would like it you can then click the blue Apply button.

Step 6: VOILA! You’ve cartoonized your image!

If you would like to add an overlay to your image you can go here – 542a633c9d26f65911b2c527f612ce79 to see a tutorial!
If you need to crop your image you can go here15514f2c99f9611e1dc5aae109a6afd7 for a guide!

You can find the original image I used here :point_right: 3b02cfadcdcbc5ef04353bdeb583062d

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This looks amazing! :heart_eyes:

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Am I the only one this is not working for, it just keeps saying preparing. Am I doing something wrong.