How to add an outline around any text using Silhouette Studio

1- Open Silhouette studio. click on the text icon.

2- Write your text.

3- Select the font you would like to use. I’m using Fresh squeezed from

4- Once you have selected your font, you will need to adjust the character spacing so you can add the outline and not have them overlaping.

5- When you are happy with the spacing, right click and convert to path. this will make the text an object.

6- Click on the offset icon to access the offset panel.

7- Click offset, then adjust the width of the offset. This will be the gap between the text and the outline. Click apply once you are happy with the space.

8- While the offset is still selected, right click and make a compound path.

9- Select the offset.

10- Select the offset panel and create a new offset. This will become the outline. change the width to suit your needs. Apply.

11- With the new offset still selected, right click and make a compound path.

12- You now have 2 offsets on your text. One for the space (red) and one for the outline(aqua).

13- Zoom into the text so you can clearly see each offset.

14- Carefully select the 2 offsets (aqua and red).

15- Right click and make a compound path.

16- The middle offset (which was red) is now the space between the text and the outline. You can now either group or make a compound path again to send to the silhouette to cut.


I have a Cricut, but bought SS Business edition so I can do some fancy photo engraving, easy font offsets and object offsets. I’ve been able to use Phonto on my iPhone for fonts, but when I want to also make one for an object it’s been incredibly difficult to find a way. I went into SS after reading the manual and couldn’t figure this out. Thank you for the tutorial! I did an offset once or twice in Inkscape and the process was similar. My MacBook hated that program, though, so I removed it.

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Great tutorial!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this, I didn’t know that and I will put it to good use