How to add Design to Mockup

What are the best practices for adding our design to the Mockup? What software is the best to use?


Ive used 6cc51cdeedfe36c04595edc3db5342c5 to add my designs to a mockup. Its a free software.


Thank you for sharing this resource!

I use Adobe PS. It’s pretty easy to use once you play with the program a little and allows you the options of changing the colors. Well worth the small fee.

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Photoshop using smart object technique is best way to add mockup to your image.


If you are using a jpeg file you can use Canva, photoshop, or any online photo editor. If you have a silhouette you can use their software and add you design to a mockup right there in the same program.

Hi Diana! Depending on your comfort level, you can use a number of different resources to customize your mockups. I use Picmonkey as I find it very user friendly. If you’re more comfortable with how layers work you can also use Photoshop. I hope that helps!

If you use procreate, you can also use that to add your designs to jpeg mockups :slight_smile:


I sell JPEG mockups… so when a customer asks for the best, easiest, or free software; I recommend Canva!

In my opinion, Canva is very user friendly. They have free accounts or if you love it and want more features out of it you can upgrade to their pro account.

Here are the steps to create a finished marketing product:

  1. You upload the mockup file(s)
  2. Upload your design files or utilize Canva to create your designs
  3. Create a new design at whatever dimension you’re needing.
  4. Place the mockup file into new project
  5. Place PNG file on top of mockup
  6. Click the download button, top right of screen
  7. Download as JPEG or PNG and utilize to market your shirt or SVG designs.
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I actually sell psd files in my mockup shop that you can easily personalize with your product by placing your file into the smart object layer. I give away a few free stationery and frame mockups by signing up to my newsletter: 3ab1f7203b673edfb04221914ff6193c
and I made a brief tutorial video on how to use my psd files
however I don’t know what kind of mockups your referring to

Hi Diana! I sell most of my mockups in JPG, PNG and PSD versions so customers can use them in different photo editing software. The easiest way is to place your design on top of the JPG and you’re good to go. Or you can use a PNG mockup file to be sure your design will fit precisely. :slight_smile:

My favorite free software recommendation is 7d3bed67c6ca78b05e81c423721f571c.
Here’s a tutorial on my blog on how to use PNG mockups in Canva: 9fd252db69bbd8764e63858d3a7b0513

Thank you for this! This is exactly the help I needed!

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You are SO welcome! Cheers to your success :clinking_glasses:

I use affinity designer and also affinity photo

You can use Canva Or Pixabey and Freepik for the best mockup. And yes Design bundle is recommended too

Photoshop is the best to use.

I use photoshop. Just download any mockup template you like and open it in photoshop, and then just replace the layers with your design, and you’ll be good to go.