How to add embossing effect to cookie cutter using a SVG file In Silhouette Alta 3D printer software

1- Open Silhouette Studio software (free version)

2- Upload your SVG file. I am using the mermaid tail from Summer Mega Bundle from

3- Once uploaded Right click on the design and ungroup it.

4- Next right click and release the compound path. We do this so we can remove any parts of the design we do not want to use in our cookie cutter.

5- Remove the parts you do not want.

6- Select the rest of the design, right click and make a compound path.

7- You will not clearly see the red cut lines on the SVG.

8- As we need to use the design as the embossed area, we need to make an offset to use as the cookie cutter part. Click on offset.

9- Adjust the offset to the width you would like then apply.

10- Select everything and group. Next go to file - save as - save to hard drive.

11- Save your studio file.

12- Open your 3D Alta software.

13- Open the studio file you created.

14- A new window will appear. Select the cookie cuter option.

15- Your design will appear as a cookie cutter. But all parts are the same height so if you use this to cut you will end up with many little pieces.

16- We need to lower the inside patter so it will only emboss not cut. To do this right click on your design and select ungroup.

17- Select the inside part of your design (i have highlighted it in yellow) and lover the height to 1/2 of the cutter part. This will ensure that it embosses not cuts your cookie dough/fondant.

18- When you are happy with the height select all and then right click to group together This way it will cut at one object.

19- Click on 3D print and adjust your print settings then print.

20- your finished design will have a brim you can remove then the cutter with the embossing part attached inside.

21- Remember when cutting to use cornflour/icing sugar or flour to dip your cutter in before cutting your design. Also use a rolling pin over the cutter to ensure the design embossed evenly.

22- Once finished you can ice them if you created cookies, or if you used with fondant like below, you can let them dry out and use them as cake toppers.