How to bulk import designs into Silhouette Studio

  1. Open Silhouette studio.

  1. Download your files, unzip them, then open the location in a new window.

  1. Go back to Silhouette Studio and click on library, then look for the user defined section.

  1. In the user defined section, you will find recent downloads and your user designs.

  1. Right-click on the library folder and then click on new folder.

  1. Once you’ve created your own folder to place your designs, you can also create sub folders within it by right-clicking and creating new sub folders.

  1. Readjust your screen so that both the file location window and the Silhouette Studio window can both be seen.

  1. Select all of the files you would like to transfer to your library. You can upload, PNG, JPEG, SVG and studio files.(dependent of what version of the software you own).

  1. With all the files selected, click and drag to the folder you created and drop in.

  1. All your files are now in your library folder ready to use.

  1. You can click any of your designs and move them from one folder to another folder in the user defined library.

  1. You can see that when you move your files around the folders, the titles will have the number of files in each folder.

  1. You can now double click on any design in the library and it will import straight into your design space.