How to Change Your Designs Color in DesignScape

First you will want to start a new project, feebcd2ddae8d66f2162de2344cf8ea0

Step 1- Open the file you wish to use. Here you can find the file types you can open – 5bf1f7c5cf27ae899896847475c85396

Step 2- Make sure Transform Controls box is checked. (This allows you to select and move your design around)

Step 3- Click eff in the bottom right of the window.

Step 4- Click Color Overlay.

Step 5- The Color Overlay box will pop up. Click the colored box next to 100% to change the color.

Step 6- Click OK once you have selected your color.

Step 7- VOILA! Your design is now a new color!


Thank you.

So much to learn; so little time.

What if you want to do a gradient?

We have a bunch of tutorials here - 30fcf0fe38df736720fc8dfc57bf8ad7 that may be helpful :smiley:

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