How To Clear History, Cookies, & Cache - SAFARI

Click here for the Chrome tutorial

Many times when there are website issues, this can be solved by clearing your cookies & cache. It’s a lot easier than it sounds :slight_smile: There are a few different ways to clear your history, cookies, or cache in Safari.

To clear your history, cookies, and cache at one time, click on History in the top menu > Clear History

A small popup will appear and you can click the drop down menu to select which timeframe you want to clear the history from.

After making your selection, click on Clear History. *Please note that when ‘Clear History’ is pressed this will also clear the cookies and cache from the given timeframe.

To remove cookies only: Click on Safari in the top menu then Preferences.

Click ‘Manage Website Data’

You can either select certain websites and hit remove, or you could hit remove all and they would all go away. Then hit done. *Please note that by clearing your cookies saved data like passwords may be erased so please make sure you have them memorized or stored somewhere else.

To remove cache only: Click on Develop in the main menu, then click ‘Empty Cache’

If you’re not seeing ‘Develop’ in the top menu then navigate to Safari > Preferences again. Under the Advanced tab you’ll want to check the ‘Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar’ box.

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