How to convert an SVG file to an FCM file in Canvas Workspace

You should be able to open the SVG file however sometimes when it is sent to the machine an error stating the file is too complicated will appear. If this happens you can convert the SVG file to FCM file which is the proprietary file extension for Brother. Here is a guide on how to do this.

1- Open scan and cut canvas workspace. Click on the SVG icon.

2- Select your SVG file. I am using Valentines day quotes from design

3- Your design will appear in the workspace.

4- To save as a FCM file so you can use it in your Brother scan and cut machine, click on File then Export FCM file.

5- Name your file and ensure FCM is selected. Save.

6- To re access your FCM file to adjust it, go to workspace, then click on File then Import SVG/FCM file.

7- Click on the FCM file you would like to adjust.

8- Your file will appear on your workspace. You can now readjust it as you need too.

thank you for the pictures and steps

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You’re welcome Pam! Welcome to the community! :star2:

Great tutorial! The photos really help.

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You’re welcome! Happy to help! :slight_smile: