How to convert to svgs

What affordable ways is there to make svgs from cricut design space?


I use illustrator but the Pay to play aspect May not be affordable in the long run. Have you tried Inkscape? I heard that’s a great substitute for designing. I have a cricut as well but rarely use design space to create. I also just downloaded the silhouette business edition which seems like a great affordable substitute since you can design in it like cricut design space and save as SVGS onto your computer. Hope it helps :hugs:


Adobe is offering 60 days free creative cloud. It’s a good time for those people who want to see if their software is good for you. I personally use Illustrator for all my SVG designs because I can easily export to the files I need for sell and maintain high quality of my designs. Some online converters do not work well for all designs.

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I use inscape for most of my svg work. Great little free program. I can design what I want then save as svg and my Brother Designncut imports it. Easy as.

Cheers Mishell


The easiest way is to make them yourself. Use the upload tool and upload a photo. If using words download fonts to the phonto app and there you can change your words font and then use that image in design space, removing all the white background and white space in words !

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Speaking of inkscape, does anyone know why when I save to DXF it jumbles my design?

Hi Keely!! Honestly, I’m not sure why it happens, but this is the #1 reason I switched to Illustrator. Every DXF I have ever saved out of Inkscape had issues.

I wish I could be more help – hopefully someone will see this and can share some helpful insights :smiley:

That’s fine, at least I know it’s not just me lol

Do you group before saving? And do you do “save as” or just “save”. I do save as.

Since I have a silhouette, I use their design studio software program to create SVG files. I have heard about other programs making them but people have problems with them. For those that use Inkspace, have you gotten any feedback from customers on how the file is for silhouettes or cricut?

I know Affinity Designer has a sale right now and they do have the ability to design SVGs. I mostly use business edition of silhouette studio as well as Inkscape. Unfortunately CDS is limited as you cannot export SVGs

I start with Inkscape, but as any free program it has some limitations. Now I use CorelDraw. It is a great program with so many tools.
Some online applications use the SVG format in different ways. Do not ask me why. So, to be sure that my design will be visible online, I’m going back to Inkscape, open a CorelDraw file in Inkscape and save them as SVG.

Hi Keeley_B :slight_smile:
I use Inkscape to create my designs and also offer DXF files.
I have learned through trial and error that when saving as a DXF file, you must ungroup everything first. These are the settings I use when saving as a DXF:
Annotation 2020-04-29 105348

…and this works well in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, however, my files import very large for some reason and I have to resize them after they import, but that’s not a big deal, I don’t think. Could be a setting or something simple to fix :slight_smile:

I have found that more intricate designs are more distorted.
In that case, I use an online converter:
This works very well :slight_smile:

I hope this helps you!!!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Jacki :slight_smile:

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Thank you that’s really helpful. I’ll give it s go layer. I know I’m missing out by not offering DXF files

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I have also had distortions and have been working on the problem for days. Inkscape has upgraded to 1.0 so i wanted to see if the distortions were better and they were…but still there. I found that doubling up my nodes helped to smooth things out but that made the files open slowly.

Using Cloud Convert, as Jacki mentioned above, I converted the svg saved in Inkscape to dxf and the file opened quicker.

I also agree with ungrouping everything. Hope that helps.

I guess a lot depends upon what else you have in your software arsenal.
If the images are copyrighted, and not to you, then you may have some legal issues ahead of you.
If it’s only a few images, then finding someone else who has these issues or capabilities who might convert the files for you.
I just did a quick search on Google and found free software just by asking about “converting Circuit files to SVG”. I don’t know what platform you are working on so it’s difficult to do any specific recommendations.