How to create a Layered Decal using your cutting machine

Learn How to create a Layered Decal using your Cricut or Silhouette and adhesive vinyl.


Thank you for sharing.

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

Wow! Now I have a better understanding on layering!! THANK YOU!!!

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You’re very welcome!

Hello Cassi!

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Very helpful video Stephanie! Now, will this process work for removable vinyl too? :thinking:

Thats awsome ive seen acouple diffrent ways n have been wanting to try layering soo bad I even want n got a varity color pack to try I think i might have enogh confadance now but i have a quick question the cricut transfer tape i bought has black lines through it where can I get clear? thank you soo much I think I am going to try a 2 or 3 layer vinyal decal right now thanks again!!!

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Hi @Amy_S6, you can layer any type of vinyl :slight_smile:

Hi @Mary_S8, You’re very welcome! :smile:
I’m not sure where you are based but know I have seen completely clear transfer tape here in the UK, in Hobbycraft and also on Amazon.