How to Create a Marble Pattern in Procreate

Here I will show you how to create a marble pattern in Procreate on your iPad!

Step 1 – Open a new artwork. (Click the + sign in the top right)

Step 2 – Pick the colors you want!

Step 3 – Create different sections for each color you are using.

Step 4 – Fill in each section with the colors you chose.

Step 5 – Click on Adjustments (top left, second icon in)

Step 6 – Click Liquify (Under the Adjustments tab)

Step 7 – Play with the settings in the liquify option and set it how you wish. Then move your Apple Pencil (or finger) around to swirl the colors together!

VOILA! You now have a gorgeous Marble Pattern!

Feel free to share pictures of the marble patterns you create below! :smiley: