How To Create a Rainbow Brush in Procreate

Did you know with Procreate 5 they introduced color dynamic brushes? In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a rainbow brush!

  1. First thing you will need to do is duplicate whatever brush you want to edit. I recommend choosing a calligraphy brush or one that has pressure sensitivity (it will not work well with a monoline brush). You can duplicate the brush by swiping to the left and clicking duplicate.

  1. Click on your duplicate brush to open up the brush studio, and then click on the color dynamics section. Scroll down the the ‘color pressure’ and turn the hue up to whatever you’d like. You can test the brush in the drawing pad and make changes before hitting done.

  1. And here is our rainbow brush!

If you try this tutorial show us your rainbow brushes in the comments! :slight_smile:


I MADE ONE!!! Loveeee it!

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I love it!! So fun :slight_smile: What kind of brush did you use, a paint-type one?

This is the brush I used —

Ooh, love that one!! :heart: