How To Create a Shape in DesignScape

Wondering how to make a shape in DesignScape? Follow this tutorial and I will show you how!

First, Let’s start off by creating a New Project - e461313386fdb182eb6bd48e87d3faf3

Step1- Click the rectangle. Or you can click U on your keyboard. (U is a shortcut key for creating a shape)

Step 2- Click on the white background. A box saying New: Rectangle will pop up. Press OK once you have adjusted it to the size you’d like.

Step 3- You’ve created your shape! If you would like to change the size/shape you can click the box that says Transform Controls.

Step 4- Transform controls will allow you to alter the size of your shape. You will want to click, hold, and drag the little squares to alter your shape.

Step 5- Want to create a different shape? Right click the rectangle to select a different shape. Click Custom Shape.

Step 6- After clicking Custom Shape, go to the top right and click the box next to the word Shape. Here you can select the shape you wish to create.

Step 7- You will want to repeat Step 2, click on the White Background and adjust the shape to the size you prefer.

VOILA! You’ve created your shape! :tada:

I’d love to see any creations you make with these shapes, feel free to share them below!
Happy Crafting! :smiley:

Want to add text to your shape creation? Go here – 2a6933c255aaa074700d67eaaa63c8ad to learn how to import a font that is on your computer!

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Hi Brittany…I know this is an old post but I’m new here!! Are we able to take that shape and add an image to it and if so how do you do that?

I want to make photo cabochons so if I would make a circle how can i import my image into that circle?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hello Tammie!

Welcome to the Community Forum, we’re so happy to have you here! Be sure to check out our 3f00d58912a269199f8698048c5efcce, our start guide has many tips, tricks, and tutorials that may be helpful! We also have our monthly competition - 1478f2ae09fa9b3a27a6ec5a485a431a where you can win Plus Credits!

To confirm, are you wanting to make the picture the shape? Like put it inside of it? If so you could use a clipping mask! :smiley:

Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance, we’re always happy to help!

Yes!! take an image and put it in a circle…I will check out the clipping mask video…thanks so much!!

Brittany, do you have a link to the clipping mask video?

54658daf5906fb58e96e1b6384bc496c I don’t have a video, however here is a tutorial that may help: 11aee1d1e95830d8e45362a4e986f297

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: