How To Create a Shape in DesignScape

Wondering how to make a shape in DesignScape? Follow this tutorial and I will show you how!

First, Let’s start off by creating a New Project - Starting A New Project

Step1- Click the rectangle. Or you can click U on your keyboard. (U is a shortcut key for creating a shape)

Step 2- Click on the white background. A box saying New: Rectangle will pop up. Press OK once you have adjusted it to the size you’d like.

Step 3- You’ve created your shape! If you would like to change the size/shape you can click the box that says Transform Controls.

Step 4- Transform controls will allow you to alter the size of your shape. You will want to click, hold, and drag the little squares to alter your shape.

Step 5- Want to create a different shape? Right click the rectangle to select a different shape. Click Custom Shape.

Step 6- After clicking Custom Shape, go to the top right and click the box next to the word Shape. Here you can select the shape you wish to create.

Step 7- You will want to repeat Step 2, click on the White Background and adjust the shape to the size you prefer.

VOILA! You’ve created your shape! :tada:

I’d love to see any creations you make with these shapes, feel free to share them below!
Happy Crafting! :smiley:

Want to add text to your shape creation? Go here – Import Font to learn how to import a font that is on your computer!

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