How to create a stencil bridge in cricut design space

1- Log in to cricut design space, then select a new project.

2- Select the text icon.

3- Type your text.

4- Alter the font to your needs then ungroup the text.

5- Your text is now all separate letters. Select the shape icon.

6- Create a square.

7- Resize the square to make your stencil bridge. I try to make the width of the stencil bridge the same thickness as the text.

8- Count how many stencil bridges you need and duplicate.

9- Place the stencil bridges over each letter that is needed.

10- Select both stencil bridges on one letter and the letter, then align it.

11- Repeat step 10 on all the letters which have stencil bridges on them.

12- Select each lot of 2 stencil bridges and click weld so they become one part.

13- Select the 2 stencil bridges and one letter and select slice.

14- You will see that all the letter is sliced. Repeat on each letter.

15- Remove all the excess that was sliced. You will have created the gap for your stencil text.

16- Repeat on all the letters that require a stencil bridge.


Thanks, that’s very easy to do. I never thought of doing this.

Thank you! So helpful!

Thank you for this tip.