How to create an offset in Inkscape

1- Open inkscape and create a new document.

2- Type your text/load your image that needs an offset. I am using the font Hello Lary from

3- Select the paint bucket tool.

4- Make sure the fill is set to Visible colours (1), threshold is set to 15 (2), and the close gap is set to none (3).

5- We need to change the grow/shrink to point as this makes it easier to change the size of the offset than inches.

6- Change the grow/shrink to 18 points to start with. This is usually a good place to start when using text.

7- Click anywhere on your text with the bucket tool. you will see a offset appear. The offset will only appear over the text that is joined.

8- Hold the shift key and click on the other letters with the paint bucket tool. As you click on the letters the offsets will join together.

9- If you find the offset is too small or big, you will have to remove the previous offset and start again. you cannot adjust an offset once it is around the text. Ctrl Z will undo your previous work, then you can adjust the point size in the shrink/grow option and re place the offset.

10- You will see that there may be parts of the offset in the middle of letters that you do not want. To remove these you need to click on the select tool then double click on the offset. This will bring up the edit points.

11- highlight the edit points you want to remove (1) then click on the - edit point icon (2).

12- Your offset is now complete.

If you need a further offset onto your current offset, you just use the paint bucket tool and select the offset. this will bring a new offset around the previous one.

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Thank you so much for sharing these videos, are there any videos for Creating SVGs in Inkscape for designers? Please let me know

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

There is! Click here to view the tutorial - How to create SVG files in Inkscape

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Thank you so much. Just one more question please, where can I see all the illustrator tutorials. Can you please provide the link

No problem at all! You can find our Illustrator tutorials on the forum here

We also have an Illustrator section in our Design School here :slight_smile:

Thanks so much again, I will check these


You’re very welcome!