How to Create Your Own Business Cards with a QR Code

Create Your Own Business Cards with a QR Code. We have another great Silhouette Studio tutorial for you today, we are creating our own business cards AND, in addition, we are talking about opening AI format files in the software!

Designs used in this video :point_down:



If only the QR code would open a particular website …

Didn´t know I could open Ai-files, so learned something new today too. Made a lot of business cards in varous apps but in silhouette I use the registrationmarks for exakt copies. Thank´s for this tutorial.

All those business holders who want to represent their brand in a mesmerizing way the 5da90e839c814a0cfa02aa109cdd6f71 is the best choice for them. The copper yields a charming and sophisticated look and our team argue that other metal business card designed can’t compete it. These copper business cards are basically stainless steel cards after the process of electroplated it gives natural copper look.