How to Do Ribbon Lettering in Procreate

In this tutorial I’m going to use Clipping Masks.

So to start off, I created a new layer on top of my lettering layer and created a clipping mask layer. I like this method because if I mess up any of the shadows I can easily erase or change it.

In the brush panel I’m going to select the Soft Brush under Airbrushing.

I’ve selected a darker pink color and I’m adding shadows on all the curves and where the letter falls on top of other letters. You want to build up the shadow and blend it out so it looks smooth and not super harsh.

This is the finished product. You could stop here or you could keep going to make it pop a little more!

I’m doing the same thing but this time with an even darker pink. I’m also going in with the Smudge tool to blend it out better.

And this is what it looks like after the second layer of pink! When doing this technique you want to think about how the letters are formed and what direction they’re going in. It takes some trial and error but this is one of my favorite ways to add dimension to my lettering pieces.


Thanks for another great tutorial! I’m going to play with this tonight.

You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear you liked it :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any Procreate questions!! :heart:

I’d love to see what you make with it!

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I am going to need to play around with this!

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One of my favorite ways to add interest to simple lettering!! :slight_smile:

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It certainly looks amazing! :heart: