How to download and use fonts on iPad or iPhone?

Is there a way to do this without downloading specific weird apps? Like can I airdrop fonts I’ve got downloaded on my Mac?


I don’t know if you can do it without an app, but I have had success using iFont, which is a free app. I work exclusively off an iPhone.


You can Airdrop them to your iPad but you would need an app that can open the font. For example, I can Airdrop a font from my Mac and open it right into Procreate on my iPad without have to install a font app on the iPad.

I also use iFont, which is a free app and is very user friendly. If you try it and can’t get the hang of it, feel free to mess me and I can try to send a screen recording to help you along! Good luck! :slight_smile:

I use the app called AnyFont, but I think I paid $2. Sometimes they don’t show up in Phonto so I have to install there separately.

Does your iPad or iPhone have this feature Unzipping file on your iPad without a 3rd party app!

This allow the file to be unzipped without any apps.