How to Download, Unzip, and Upload SVG to Cricut App on iPad

1. From your Purchase history, click the Download Files > Download Link to complete your download:

2. A new Window will open with a download option at the bottom of the screen - click Download:

Please note *** if you get an error that says you are not connected to wi-fi please click the 3 dots in the top right corner, then choose Open in Safari

3. Click Open In…

  1. Click Save to Files

5. Choose the location you want to save too, then click save:

6. Go back to your home screen, and open your Files App:

7. Click Browse > Select your Location > Long-press on the zip file:

8. Choose decompress at the bottom of the list:

9. Go back to your home screen and open the Cricut App

10. Click New Project

11. Click Upload > Choose Browse Files

12: Choose Your Location:

13. Select the unzipped folder your SVG is in.

14: Select your SVG:

15. This will put your image into your library - tap it, and then select Insert.

16: Your image is now available to use on your Canvas:


Very helpful tutorial! Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:


You’re welcome!!!

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