How to Emboss with Cricut Design Space

1- Open SCAL4 software. Click on the shape tool.

2- Create your shape and change the size to suit your needs. The size that you make will determine how large your embossed design will be. I am making a embossed design to fit on the front of an A2 card. ( 4 x 5.25 inches).

Next click on the strike and fill icon.

3- Select white to fill your shape.

4- We now need to upload your design you need to emboss. Click on File - Import.

5- Select your file and click open. I am using Mermaid Scales from

6- Your design will appear. We need it to fit inside your rectangle. If it fits, place inside the rectangle. If it does not like you can see here, you can resize to fit withing the white rectangle. Alternatively you can duplicate your rectangle, then with the rectangle placed over the design, select both and use Path - intersection.

7- Adjust your embossed image withing the white rectangle so there is a small amount of space on the edges.

8- Select the design.

9- Right click and copy.

10- Go to edit - paste in place. This will paste the copy exactly over the top of the original.

11- Make sure only the top duplicate is selected. (you cna select it in the layers panel) Go to the stroke and fill option.

12- Click on the fill option and select a new colour.

13- the now pink duplicate still selected go to path.

14- Select path offset.

15- In the new window select the inset offset, and change the offset to 0.02inches. Click on OK

16- You should be able to just see the green original design under the pink offset. Go to edit - copy.

17- Go to Edit - Paste in place.

18- With everything now selected click on file - export.

19- Save your file.

20- In the new window click on design space compatible and ensure the other boxes are unchecked. Click OK.


1- Log into Cricut design space. and open a new project.

2-Click on the shape tool .

3- Select the square shape tool.

4- Click on your square. We now need to resize the square to the largest possible print and cut area.

5- Resize to 6.75 x 9.25 inches. Then select the fill colour as white.

Click on upload image to get your embossing design you created in SCAL4.

6- Click on upload image.

7- Find the file you created in SCAL4 and open.

8- Click save.

9- Your design will now appear in the upload image section. Click on it and insert the image.

10- Your design will appear on your design space.

11- Place inside your white rectangle. Select both the embossing design and the rectangle. Select the align icon and align horizontal.

12- Select the 2 pink layers and then select the score option.

13- Select the green layer and select the print(and cut) option.

14- Select the white rectangle that borders the embossed design and select draw.

15- Select the large white rectangle and change the setting to draw. Next turn off the 2 pink score layers. you can do this by clicking on the little eye icon in each layer. A line will go through the eye when it is turned off. This will create the first part of your file which with cut the stencil half of your embossing.

16- Select all of the layers and right click and duplicate. Next with everything still selected click on attach.

17- You now have a second copy of the stencil file.

18- Select the duplicate file.

19- Re-select the 2 score layers so they are turned back on. Next go to the cut layer (green) and turn that layer off. Turn the smaller white rectangle draw line off also. Now you only have the score lines on . With the duplicate all selected, click on attach.

20- Leave the large white rectangle on as a print and cut. We will not actually be cutting or printing the file again, but this will trick the machine to find our original stencil and therefore automatically set up the embossing.

21- Click on make it. Your designs should Stay in 2 parts. the first is print cut and draw. THe second is print score and cut.

Click on continue.

22- Follow the prompts load the drawing tool and the cut tool. continue.

23- After drawing and cutting, take out the unwanted parts of the stencil and place back on your mat.

24- Place a piece of card over the stencil you have made. Adhere with washi tape. Place in your cricut machine and follow the print instructions. Replace the sketch pen with the scoring tool and remove the cutting tool as we do not need to recut.

25- Your finished design will look like below. Stenciled.

So cool! :partying_face:

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