How to fill text with the foil quill in silhouette studio free edition

*Silhouette Cameo 3 used.

1-Open silhouette studio. Click on the text tool.

2- Type your text.

3- Click on the sketch tool. a new window will appear.

4- Using the sketch tool we can fill your text so the foil quill will “color in” the inside of your text so it appears filled. Click on the first sketch option. This will give you a cross hatch look.

5- Adjust the spacing to make the crosshatch is smaller. this will fill in the text when using the foil quill.

6- There is also a diagonal fill option. This will give a lined effect.

7- Once again adjusting the spacing will add more lines and fill in the design for foiling.

8- You also have a circular fill option in the sketch tool this is great to use when wanting to make a pattern in your text. you can also adjust the spacing closer to totally fill the text.

9-The last option is a spiral fill.

10- Again the fill can be adjusted with the space slider. I have found this fill seems to be the quickest when using your foil quill to fill text.

11- You can also use the offset tool to fill your text. Click on the offset tool.

12- In the offset window click on the internal offset. adjust the distance so the offset is very close to the edge of the outline. Apply.

13- Repeat the internal offset, this time using the previous offset as your outline. this will then create another internal offset. Repeat this till the text is filled with internal offset.

14- Click on the send option. Make sure sketch pen is selected and then select your media. Next change the speed to 5, the force to 4 and the passes to 1.

Click send.

15- Once the foil quill has finished remove from your machine. you can see where the quill has embossed the foil into your card.

16- as you can see, no matter which sketch option you choose the end result is very similar. It is good to test which takes the least tome to draw as the results will be the same.