How to gain followers?

How to gain followers for a designbundles store? If I follow someone, he/she may not be able to follow me back as there is no option to view followers here at DB.

Any suggestions to gain followers for my DB store?

Also I’m not getting much traffic to my store, I have about 250 products in my store. I usually share my products on social media like facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram. But I’m not getting much traffic. Can anyone tell me how to promote a DB store?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @CraftlabSVG! :wave:t3:

The best way to promote is to find FB groups that allow you to share your product links. Make sure to read the rules as many have different ones that you will need to follow or they may boot you :slight_smile:

Pinterest is another great tool to use. Make sure you are creating long pins as they are noticed more!

I have also found users that are active here in the Community Forum can see spike in views, favorites or sales as you are labeled a designer so your products will come up under any quality thread you create. Also when you are active you are getting seen which can have the effect that a customer will click on your profile to follow your storefront :slight_smile:


Hi @Kalie Thanks for your awesome tips! I need to find some related FB groups and will try to be an active member here! :slight_smile:

Thanks you so much!


Yes! Along this line, the option to make those long posts for your designbundles storefront. use them, they do stand out! and the keyword hashtags!
You can see the difference in Missy’s old and new font options. longer posts stand out, give more examples and information. red circles

The old ones are somewhat lost in the posts. yellow circles

I build my own graphics for bundles, freebies, events, and for some of my favorite designers’ outstanding new items. But that takes a lot of time. It is a full-time job for making some spending cash to buy more fonts…

good luck! and I followed you, looks like some nice designs.

I also do a multiple posting of freebie posts. I do a custom freebie post and then 2 to 6, depending on how many new items or popular items a designer has in their storefront.

my .02


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for providing some great information and also for following me. I will be making long post for pinterest. If you have any other suggestion please do let me know. Thank you! :slight_smile:


will do, good luck!


Pinterest! I don’t have a store yet, but as an affiliate all my sales have come from pinning my favorite products.


If you are in the Designer’s Community Group on FB, in the files section there is a document that lists other FB groups you can post to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Emily. That sounds great! :slight_smile:

@Itaya_L YES, I’m in… Just got the file. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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