How to Import a Font in DesignScape

Wanting to use a different font on DesignScape?
Have the perfect font installed on your computer that you wish to use for your project?

Follow this tutorial to import the font from your computer into DesignScape!

First, Let’s start a New Project - 19ebb9132b4dc439ccabe77a9ba5e297

Step 1- Click on the T, which is the Type Tool.

Step 2- Click the font name at the top.

Step 3- Click Load Font.

Step 4- You will want to open the folder your fonts are in on your computer.

Step 5- Click the font you wish to import and then click Open.

Step 6- Voila! You have imported a new font into DesignScape!

Font used is Garden Party, you can find it here – 7dd7c03b329e8aa0224bb7d8c0d31f81


Will DesignScape remember fonts used, or do you need to import with each use?

It does remember the fonts! :smiley:

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That’s exciting! Less work = Happier me! :rofl: