How to Import Procreate Brushes

The Design Freebie of the Week is a Procreate Brush Set. Check out all the Procreate Brushes Design Bundles has!

For this tutorial I am going to show you how to download this set and import it quickly to Procreate.

*Please note that the brushes that are specifically made for Procreate will not work with any other apps.

After clicking on the Download button on Design Bundles, I see this popup. Click on the Download button.

In the Downloads menu of Safari I’ll see the file. Click on that.

It will take me to my Files app and I can see the Zip folder. You can either long hold and press ‘uncompress’ or you can just click on the folder and it will automatically unzip.

You’ll see it created a new folder with the items.

Let’s open that up and click on the .brushset. This will automatically import to Procreate.

When looking through my brushes I can see the Brush Set titled “Lettering Brush” has been added.

And now they’re ready to use!


These are some awesome lettering brushes! :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought so too! I love the sketchy/textured looking ones :slight_smile: