How to Install Fonts on a Windows PC

To install on a PC

1- Download your font - you can find some fabulous free fonts at to try out!

2- Find the font you want to install. I have chosen Oaker font .

3- Click on the download icon.

4- Your font will download as a zip file.

5- Once downloaded, go to the file location. It will be a zip file for you to use.

6- Right click and select Extract all.

7- A new window will appear. Select where you want to extract your file to and then click on the extract icon.

8- Once extracted a new window will appear with your files. Click on the font folder.

9- Find the font file and double click on it.

10- A new window will appear. You will see the font. Click on the install icon. This will install the font to your PC.

11- you will know the font is installed as the install icon will be grayed out and you will no longer able to click on it.

12- To confirm that your font is installed, you can go to settings and select the font option. THen in the search bar type your font name.

13- If the font has installed correctly to the PC it will appear.

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