How to Install Multiple Fonts at One Time - PC

If you’ve ever downloaded one of our 92214f5a776846fdef5ea1c21eefd9a4, you might be wondering how to install all the fonts at one time. This is completely optional, but if you know you have a lot of fonts you want to install, this will save you some time. :smiley:

This is the PC tutorial. e05eebc7ad4ca1d1f317c8526ac43ea1 for the Mac tutorial.

First, let’s go to our 08fa6dcbbbb2f50bee7490dd11cba777 page. Once you click the green ‘download files’ button you will see the files drop down below. I clicked on the Open Type Font zip folder and downloaded that.

First thing you will want to down when you download is to extract the files from the zipped folder.
You can do this by right clicking the folder, clicking Extract All… You will then be able to select where you would like to extract your files to.

Once you have extracted your font files you will want to highlight the fonts in the location where you have extracted them.

Now, you will right click, then select Install for all users.

Voila! You have just bulk installed your fonts! :slight_smile:

Please note if you have a program open you will likely need to restart that program to locate the fonts.


what file do you unzip the fonts to? Document, pictures, etc…?

Hello Gayla!
This guide may help you: 60ea728447d41c09e57b2ed0f15cc0e0 :slight_smile:

Good refresher! Thank you. :blush:

Lol​:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ve been downloading mine one at a time :smirk: